“Our daughter has really enjoyed her time at Sports4tots and always looks forward to Fridays. It has definitely helped with her gross motor development in particular so would like to pass on our thanks to her coach she has had this year.”
Thanks, Justine

“Mac has LOVED sports4tots each Thursday, and I’m sure he’ll be disappointed he can’t carry on when he starts school.
Thanks for helping improve his ball skills and hand eye co-ordination. He now has a love for pretty much all ball sports from soccer, league, netball, golf, t-ball……..kid wants to do everything now!”

“Sports4tots has been invaluable for my Son’s confidence in a group environment. It’s given him the ability to interact and perform skills with different children. The drills have enhanced his co-ordination and given him a great understanding of the fundamentals needed for soccer. Sports4tots has helped my son’s transition into soccer games he now plays on a Saturday. Regardless of what sport your children decide to play, Sports4tots will help your child immensely”
Monty Betham Former NZ Warriors Captain, Kiwis Test player,
Ex Professional Boxer and 2007 Finalist, Dancing With the Stars.

“Sebastien has been with sports4tots for the past 2.5 years. He and we have thoroughly enjoyed it and we wanted to say a very big thank you to Lee and the sports4tots team. Sebastien will continue playing soccer with North Shore United.”

“My three year old son attended his first class on Saturday in Hamilton, he is very shy and I was amazed to see him participate while holding my hand, he was smiling and said he enjoyed it! Great activities and know its going to build his confidence a lot. Thank you for providing such a valuable learning opportunity for toddlers!”
Amy Gibson White

“Rudra has been one of Sports4Tots’ enthusiastic players at Ponsonby and joined a year back. He has missed only one class – couple of weekends back when we went to watch India play at Eden Park. I had to convince him literally !!
From very early age, Rudra is quite keen in dribbling a big soccer balls and he is actually very good at it. Just that, he is not very confrontational as a person so is taking his time to get used to the attacking part of the play or snatching a ball from someone. Hence, sometimes he will hold himself back in a group play. He was mostly coached by Adam through-out last year and looked up to him quite a bit. (attached photo). As sometimes with kids, Adam’s departure affected him a wee bit but for his love of the beautiful game, he simply could not miss sports4tots session!. The sessions are brilliant – have always have been.
However, I guess as a natural progression, Rudra is going to Western Springs 5th Grade from this season onwards to keep soccer4tots flag flying high. As a parent, we are thankful to your institute which helps kids learn much more than just soccer with coaches like Adam, yourself and Tom. It indeed is lovely initiative……”Tanmoy

“Fantastic, overall really good idea and something different from other activities/event”

“Very high level of satisfaction, probably the best pre-school activity I have encountered” “It is well set up with good equipment and tools. Great introduction to sports and I love the player of the day cards”

“It is so good for the kids you can really see the changes especially in the shy ones” “I, my hubby and 2 year old all think it is great! We like all the different drills & that every week is a bit different. Great equipment & classes seem a good fit for the age groups”

“Great fun, my child laughs so much during the sessions” “We have really enjoyed the class and I have seen a real improvement in our sons ball skills and general confidence”