Learning through fun

At Sports4tots we provide a fun, structured environment for your child to develop at their own pace.

By limiting the size of our classes to no more than 10 children, your child gets plenty of personal attention from our coaches, who are specially trained to work to the level of your child’s age and ability.

In a small group of children the same age, your child will not only develop ball skills that can help them later on, but also gain confidence, make friends, and begin to understand working as part of a team. Take your active little ones a Sports4tots session this term.

We encourage you to join in to help build your child’s confidence until they’re ready to attempt activities and challenges on their own.

You’ll love it… it’s fun for everyone!

2 year olds

Keeping kids focused and engaged is a huge part of our two year old program. The activities are less structured and we encourage the children to have a go, get involved and build their confidence while having plenty of fun.

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3 year olds

Our three year old program introduces new skills as your child becomes more capable. You will notice an improvement in balance and co-ordination as we continue to focus on activities that develop their gross motor skills.

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4 year olds

Our classes help develop stronger soccer skills with a focus on key techniques such as shooting, passing, dribbling and turning so your child becomes familiar and comfortable with moving and controlling the ball.

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Our daughter has really enjoyed her time at Sports4tots and always looks forward to Fridays. It has definitely helped with her gross motor development in particular so would like to pass on our thanks to her coach she has had this year.”

Thanks,  Justine

“My three year old son attended his first class on Saturday in Hamilton, he is very shy and I was amazed to see him participate while holding my hand, he was smiling and said he enjoyed it! Great activities and know its going to build his confidence a lot. Thank you for providing such a valuable learning opportunity for toddlers!”

Amy Gibson White

“Sports4tots has been invaluable for my Son’s confidence in a group environment. It’s given him the ability to interact and perform skills with different children. The drills have enhanced his co-ordination and given him a great understanding of the fundamentals needed for soccer. Sports4tots has helped my son’s transition into soccer games he now plays on a Saturday. Regardless of what sport your children decide to play, Sports4tots will help your child immensely”

Monty Betham Former NZ Warriors Captain, Kiwis Test player, Ex Professional Boxer and 2007 Finalist, Dancing With the Stars.